Healthy Choice

How Is Heating Film "Healthy" For You?

Dust Free, Odor Free

Geo Dream is run by electricity and solely out put heat. Unlike air-ducts, there is no air circulation resulting in no dust and odor around the ventilation system.

Use Infrared Ray To Warm Up

Far Infrared waves provide radiant energy in the form of heat, directly warming up objects in the room, including yourself. This method is similar to the sun heating the earth.

No More Cold Feet

Radiant heating system that warms up starting at your feet. warm feet is known to boost your immune system.

So how does it work?

Geo Dream is a ductless heating system so it does not circulate dust or air pollutants and is completely silent. The far infrared rays naturally and safely prevent bacteria growth as well as eliminate mold and odors. Geo Dream is completely concealed, providing even heat and removing unsafe or unsightly heating elements. Geo Dream uses an extremely low electrical amperage and is water resistant, making it the safest electrical heating system on the market.
Infrared Light is part of the sun's invisible spectrum and though it can't be seen, it is experienced as heat. One of far infrared light's characteristics is the ability to easily penetrate your skin, giving you that natural warmth you get on a sunny summer day.

Bath in the sun

When infrared rays enter your body, it creates a natural resonance. This has many health benefits, including muscle relaxation and increased circulation. Far-infrared heat is healthy and completely safe for all living things.

Geo Dream Far Infrared Ray’s Benefits

1) Far Infrared expands capillaries which stimulates increased blood flow, regeneration, circulation and oxygenation.

2) Far Infrared is excellent for detox. Scientists in Japan report that in the FIR treatment of clogged capillary vessels, heat expands the capillaries and then initiates the start of a process to dissolve hidden toxins. Far Infrared thereby promotes elimination of fats, chemicals and toxins from the blood.

3) Far Infrared stimulates enzyme activity and metabolism.

4) Far Infrared promotes the killing of many pathogenic (disease causing) bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.

5) Far Infrared promotes rebuilding of injured tissue by having a positive effect on the fibroblasts. Furthermore, it increases growth of cells, DNA syntheses, and protein synthesis all necessary during tissue repair and regeneration. Excellent for healing burns, scar tissue and skin problems.

6) Far Infrared relieves nervous tension and relaxes autoneuro muscles thereby helping the body make the most of its intended healing abilities. FIR reduces soreness on nerve endings and muscle spasms, as muscle fibers are heated.

7) Far Infrared strengthens the Immune System by stimulating increased production of white blood cells (leukocytes) by the bone marrow and killer T-cells by the thymus.

8) Far Infrared strengthens the Cardiovascular System by causing heart rate and cardiac output increase, and diastolic blood pressure decrease - Extensive research by NASA in the early 1980's led to the conclusion that far infrared stimulation of cardiovascular function would be the ideal way to maintain cardiovascular conditioning in American astronauts during long space flight.