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Save on bills

How does Geo Dream compare to other heating methods?

Chart on the right compares Geo Dream electric radiant heating system to other heating methods for a 2000 square foot residential home. All calculations are based on average heating season temperatures, average maintenance costs, etc, for Madison, WI.

As shown on the chart, by installing Geo Dream, anyone can save their energy bill by 50%!

Save on energy

How is Geo Dream more efficient?

Geo Dream heats the floor more efficiently than air heating systems. As we know, hot air goes up. When hot air comes out of air based heater, all the warmth will travel to the top of the house and cycle back down. During this process, all the heat is lost and takes more energy to heat up the body. However, Geo Dream warms your body starting at the feet. The far infrared rays will travel through your body and heat up your body or objects in the room directly, without losing energy. You will be able to heat up your house with much less energy consumed.

Save on labour

How much less work is it for you?

With innovative technology from Geo Dream team, installation of heating film just got way easier. With our product 1 STEP HEAT or Dream Heat, you can install a floor within few minutes.

You either clean, peel, stick
or lay and tape it down.

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